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January 12, 2007



I'm glad you're back, Caroline.


hello...found your blog here from Graham over at Leaving Munster....Like what I have read thus far.


two years off? I was sure I was reading you through 2005... in any case, nice to read your thoughts again. especially half-baked - thoughts are sometimes more interesting before the polish is put on!


I remember such a predicament myself. In response, I created a category called "Letters to Henri Timings" (Henri Timings is an anagram of 'resting in Him'). In it, I simply rhyme off things that are in my head (and heart, if you want to get technical about it lol) but may make sense only to me at the time. Some of it reads like Henri and I had already been chatting about it. It's funny (to me) but a great outlet when I just can't put anything intelligent together. :-)

Wishing you the best in your half-baked approach. :-)

p.s. Noticed a 'Daily Conversation' error - Pigrim's instead of Pilgrim's. ;-)


half-baked is often the best :)

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